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Publications 2009

Defer D., Fleury Y., Bourgougnon N., Screening for antibacterial and antiviral activities in three bivalve and two gasteropod marine molluscs, Aquaculture 2009, 293, 1-7.


Defer D., Fleury Y., Bourgougnon N., Detection and partial characterization of antimicrobial peptide from marine gastraopoda Littorina littorea, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 2009, 34, 188-190.


Lahaye E., Binti Mat Rashid Z., Defer D., Perrin B., Douzenel P., Bourgougnon N., Sire O., Isolation of a sulphated polysaccharide from a recently discovered sponge species (Celtidoryx girardae) and determination of its anti-herpetic activity, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2009, 44, 286-293.


Martinov M., Hadjiev D., Vlaev S.D., Gas-liquid mass transfer in fibrous bed reactor with counter-current liquid recycle, Chemical Engineering Technology 2009, 32, 932-938.


Bazire A., Diab F., Taupin L., Rodrigues S., Jebbar M., Dufour A., Effects of osmotic stress on rhamnolipid synthesis and time-course production of cell-to-cell signal molecules by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, The Open Microbiology Journal 2009, 3, 128-135.


Bazes A., Silkina A., Douzenel P., Faÿ F., Kervarec N., Morin D., Berge J.P., Bourgougnon N., Investigation of the antifouling constituents from the brown alga Sargassum muticum (yendo) fensholt, Journal of Applied Phycology 2009, 21, 395-403.


Silkina A., Bazes A., Vouve F., Le Tilly V., Douzenel P., Mouget J.L., Bourgougnon N., Antifouling activity of macroalgal extracts on Fragilaria pinnata (Bacillariophyceaea): a comparison with Diuron, Aquatic Toxicology  2009, 94, 245-254.


 Claude A., Bondu S., Michaud F., Bourgougnon N., Deslandes E., X-ray structure of a sodium salt of a digeneaside isolated from red alga Ceranium botryocarpum, Carbohydrate Research 2009, 344, 707-710.


Rossignol G., Sperandio D., Guerillon J., Duclairoir Poc C., Soum-Soutera E., Orange N., Feuilloley M.G.J., Meriau A., Phenotypic variation in the Pseudomonas fluorescens clinical strain MFN1032, Research in Microbiology 2009, 160, 337-344.


Martinov M., Vlaev S.D., Hadjiev D., Oxygen transfer in a counter-current fibrous bed bioreactor: case of liquid recycle, Chemical Engineering Transactions 2009, 17, 543-548.

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